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Students Batch 2016 – 2019

Vidit Dugar

Vidit Dugar

F.Y.B. Sc.

SAMSOE truly provides us with an education which helps us broaden our horizons and prepares us for the world outside college in a manner which is unique and innovative. It has taught me that education is not just preparation for life, education is life itself. The course spanning over more than 20 different subjects not only gives us an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Economics but also complements it with subjects like Logic, Law, Effective communication, Sociology and Political Science.

The pedagogy used by our incredibly student friendly and approachable faculty is unfounded in other institutions in the country and gives us a keen insight upon the application of the subject in real world situations. We’ve had activities where we had to analyse certain movies from an economic standpoint, emulate the behaviour of different kinds of producers and many other quizzes, debates, and presentations which ensure that we can grasp and apply the concepts we are taught in college. The continuous assessments and the assignments given to us as a part of an academic group not only make sure we keep brushing up on what we’re learning but also helps in improving our peer interactions and oratory and critical thinking ability. The compulsory summer Internship gives us grassroots experience of the field we want to enter. The co-curricular activities and the events organized by college teach us more about group dynamics and leadership.

The college coursework is tedious but at the same time is well-structured and ensures that the students are never too burdened at any time. The course is framed in a manner that inculcates values such as discipline and team work while teaching us Economics in a very effective way. Everything that I have accomplished since I joined college began with the opportunity given to me to think outside the box and to allow myself to apply everything that I learn. I am proud to be in such an Institution and confident that I shall have a wonderful learning experience, both intellectual and personal, throughout my college life.

I truly believe that this is a fantastic program, and I am honoured to be a part of it.

Shazz Lalwani

Shazz Lalwani

F.Y.B Sc.

A wide variety of subjects offered in each semester at SAMSOE is truly daunting at first sight, however as the courses in the college progressed, I came to realize how important they truly are. Other than the conventional economics subjects, we have several non-core subjects which provide various perspectives other than the economic theories. The courses are beautifully designed in order encourage every student to speak up and share their views, to analyse situations so that we get out of the habit of textbook learning and practically apply the theory we know. After studying subjects like sociology and political science I realized how deeply integrated these subjects are with economics and how the social and political decisions can affect the economy to such a large extent.

The college encourages the holistic development of the student through skill building activities and subjects like effective communication. The college doesn’t just use textbooks, but also articles, documentaries, etc. to communicate concepts and help us relate these theories with what is happening in the real world. Activities like “What if” try to make us think about the economic, political change that would have taken place if a particular situation did not happen in the past. Such activities help us to develop our analytical thinking. All in all, I am really honoured to be a student at this prestigious institution and I truly believe that the course has helped me broaden my horizons.

Second Annual Economics Conference in collaboration with The Indian Econometric Society-12th February 2018

Summer School Programs at SAMSOE

SAP Education Module
2nd Batch commencing from January, 2018
 Last date to apply 16th December, 2017

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