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Intra-College Debate, 2018

The Debate Society of SAMSOE held its first debate for the academic year 2018-19 which witnessed enthused participation of 14 teams, making it a total of 28 students striving to justify their stances on topics of social and economic relevance.

The debate was conducted in slots of two at two separate venues. Teams of Slot-1 were judged by Ms. Sneha Thayyil and Mr. Akshat Kundalia. The motions for this slot were:

• The House Believes economic blockade is more effective than military intervention
• The House Believes that dictatorship is the way to stabilize struggling countries
• The House Believes that the governments of developing nations should actively promote slum tourism
• The House would legalize the market for organs

Teams of Slot-2 were judged by Mr. Rohit Muraleedharan and Mr. Hersch Sahay. The motions set for this slot were:

• The House Believes the government has no right to make CSR compulsory
• The House Believes that universal basic income is the safety net of the future
• The House Believes that a universal minimum standard of education is a prerequisite for democracy
• The House Believes in the right to bear arms for self-defense

After the final scoring by the judges, the results laid out the names of the winners in the two slots:

• Slot-1:
Best Speaker- Aditya Bihani (FY)
Team: 1st- Aditya Bihani and Radhika Mohta (FY)
            2nd- Anirudh Choudhary (SY A) and Krish Verma (FY)

• Slot-2:
Best Speaker- Rohit Harlalka (SY B)
Team: 1st- Rohit Harlalka and Shubhagata Agarwal (SY B)
            2nd- Avi Mathur and Meet Mehta (SY A)

M.Sc. Economics 2018-19

B.Sc. Economics 2018-19

Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics wins the 'Best Emerging Institute Award'

Student of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics wins 'Budding Economist of South Asia'

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