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Lecture by Industry Experts

SAMSOE has pioneered a unique model of having 5% of the lectures of all core subjects conducted by industry experts in the subject. This year has begun with the following renowned professionals conducting lectures and giving students a chance to interact with them and see for themselves how the theory taught in class blends with the practical.


Date Course Topic Guest
21st February 2015 Creative Writing Creative Writing Ms. Rochelle D'silva, Poet/artist
14th February 2015 Economic Governance & Policy Issues in land acquisition and development, as well as the technical issues in the Land Acts (1894 & 2013) Mr. S.M. Kurtkoti, Dy. Collector Raigad
11th November 2014 Money, Banking & Financial Institutions Functioning of financial markets in the new global environment Dr. Bandi Ramprasad, CEO, Growth Markets Advisory Services
11th October 2014 International Economics Trade Policies and India's performance Dr. Veeramani C., Associate Professor IGIDR
29th September 2014 Indian Economy India and the Reforms Process Ms. Sakshi Gupta, Junior Economist CRISIL
30th August 2014 Industrial Economics Oligopoly Pricing Mr. Akshit Shah, Project Manager, Boston Consulting Group.
28th August 2014 Game Theory Strategies used in the United Nations disarmament mission, and differences in cultures & strategies among Japanese & Indian firms Ms. Sayuri Matsuno, Managing Director, Spectrum LS consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
28th August 2014 Introduction to Econometrics Statistics and its Applications – with special reference to the Economic Survey 2012-13 Prof. M.H. Suryanarayana, Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research.



We at SAMSOE believe that simply studying from textbooks is not enough. In today's world, a holistic and well-rounded education is required. To that end, students are often shown films of various kinds as a part of the curriculum which aids in the learning process. Some of the movies shown as part of course were:


Date Movie Course
24th January 2015 The National Anthem Industrial Organization & Competition Policy
19th January 2015 Supply Chain Management Agricultural Economics
14th January 2015 Life and Debt (2001) Economics of Governance & Policy
12th January 2015 The Dark Knight Intermediate Micro Economics
12th January 2015 Israel's Technology in Agriculture Agricultural Economics
10th January 2015 Too Big to Fail Intermediate Macro Economics
10th January 2015 Organs across borders International Economics
9th January 2015 Jalpari: desert Mermaid Gender Economics
7th January 2015 October Sky Economics of Infrastructure
24th December, 2014 Mexican Drug Cartel Intermediate Microeconomics
15th December, 2014 Satyamev Jayate: taxes in India Public Finance & Policy
15th December, 2014 Mind Over Money Behavioral Economics
10th December, 2014 The dark side of chocolate Agricultural Economics
9th December, 2014 The men who crashed the world International Economics
5th December, 2014 Even The Rains Economics Government & Policy
11th November 2014 Argo (2012) Development Experience of Major Economies of the World
29th October 2014 The Economist: Germany's Mittelstand: A model of success Development Experience of Major Economies of the World
20th October 2014 Das Auto : Germans, their cars and us Development Experience of Major Economies of the World
13th October 2014 Keynes Ecode – I
6th October 2014 Metro Manila Development Economics
25th & 30th September 2014 Out Source Introductory Sociology
22nd September 2014 The Charcoal People Principles of Macro Economics
22nd September 2014 China on the brink of environmental crisis International Economics
18th September 2014 12 Angry Men Logic
17th September 2014 A Beautiful Mind Game Theory
16th September 2014 Nero's Guest Indian Economy
10th September 2014 Syriana Industrial Economics
3rd September 2014 Metro Manilla Development Economics
28th August 2014 Masters of Money: John Maynard Keynes International Economics
23rd August 2014 Life and Debt International Economics
19th August 2014 City of Joy Indian Economy
16th August 2014 Salam Bombay Theories of Growth & Development
6th August 2014 MIT Blossoms Optimizing your Diet: What Linear Programming Can Tell You!" – Game Theory>
5th August 2014 Too Big to Fail Money Banking & Financial Institution
31st July 2014 The Constant Gardener Development Economics
25th July 2014 The Last Days of Lehmann Brothers Ecode
16th July 2014 Guns, Germs and Steel Development Experience of the Major Economies of the World


Games & Experiments

Economics concepts are taught through different games & experiments. Concepts such as law of variable proportion, oligopoly pricing, gains to trade, game theory are taught through innovative games.

A game played on "Making of the constitution” with F.Y.B. Sc. Economics students as a part of the course Political Science.

A Game played on "Oligopoly" with the First Year B.Sc. Economics students as part of `Intermediate Microeconomics` course.

A modified centipede game was played for the course Game Theory which helped to explain the concept of rollback equilibrium.

Following are some games for the course Principles of Micro Economics

  1. Games on Opportunity Cost
  2. Game on Market Clearing
  3. Experiment on diminishing marginal utility
  4. Game on equilibrium of the market
  5. Game on double auction on equilibrium on the market.


Case Study


Date Topic Course
January 2015 Live case study on how we apply accountancy in decision making.

Analysis of Balance Sheet of Colgate Palmolive & ratio analysis
Analysis of Financial Statement
January 2015 WIPRO LTD – The new Phase of Global Competition
Mittal Built the World’s Biggest steel Firm from Scratch – At Internet Speed
FDI by Star Buck’s
Foreign Direct Investment and the Irish Miracle
Rupee-Dollar Rout – The Case of Tripura Cluster
Regional Economic Integration
International Business
January 2015 The Case of Vision Formulation
Strategic Moves by Mahindra Group
Turn Around Trauma
The Case of Niche Bike
The Case of Strategy Planning
Managing Hindustan Lever Ltd Strategically
Business Strategy
October 2014 Mumbai Metro Rail Project

Melbourne Convention Centre Project
Economics Of Infrastructure
October 2014 Eastern Bank
Super Asia Pipes,
Marketing Of Milk-AMUL
Buying Behaviour of Women & Men
BPL Color TV
Star Engineering Company Ltd.
Fair & Lovely - Creating Demand.
Frooti's Innovative Campaign
Ajax ltd.
Dell Computers
Crofton Wagely Inc.
Marketing Management
October 2014 What really works ? - Harvard Business School, 
ABC Corporation - Basic of Promotion
Big Dams - A necessity for India's Agricultural & Economic Development 
Career Paths of CEO's
Principles Of Management
October 2014 Apple iPhone manufacturing, Barbie and the World Economy + The Fracking industry.

The globalization of production, value addition and trade + The influence of the energy industry and prices on politics and trade
Development Experience of Major Economies
21st August 2014 Case Study on Inflation in US Principles of Macro Economics


Video Clips

Video Clips screened for the F.Y. B.Sc. Economics as a part of course Development Experience of Major Economies of the world

  1. A video clip ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ was screened for the Third Year B.Sc. Economics students as part course ‘Economics of Governance’.
  2. A 3 min clip from 'Modern Times'
  3. A 3 min clip from 'X-Men First Class'
  4. Michael Jackson – They don’t really care about us
  5. TIME Magazine – Behind the iconic tank man photo
  6. Industrial Revolution sequence in the Opening Ceremony – London Olympics 2012
  7. How fracking works
  8. BBC – Das Auto: The Germans, their cars and us

Video Clips screened for the T.Y. B.Sc. Economics as a part of course Game Theory

  1. Game of Chicken, Signaling & Screening – Clip 1: From ‘Rebel without a Cause’ (1955), 
  2. Clip 2: From "The Ugly Truth’ (2009).
    The theme of the documentaries was Types of Games & the strategies used. 

Faculty Development : 

  1. Research Methodology Training Conducted by NMIMS in Collaboration with University of Illinois – attended by Prof. Rohit Muraleedharan & Prof. Kiran Limaye
  2. Teaching Methodology Conducted by NMIMS in Collaboration with University of Illinois – attended Prof. Sneha Thayyil & Prof. Fatema Nahid
  3. Governance Conducted by NMIMS in Collaboration with University of Illinois – attended by Prof. Amita Vaidya

Software Training : 

  1. Training for statistical package SPSS was conducted for F.Y.B. Sc. Economics students as part of the course IT Skill
  2. Hands on experience on R-Software was conducted for T.Y. B.Sc. Economics for the course 'Advanced Econometrics'.
  3. Training for statistical package SPSS was conducted for S.Y.B. Sc. Students on September 15, 2014

Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis – ‘Greek Debt Crisis and the Possible Fallouts’ was discussed for the Third year B.Sc. Economics students on January 12, 2014 as the part of their ‘Advanced Macroeconomics’ by Prof. Rohit Muraleedharan.

Field Visit :

On February 12, 2015 The S.Y. B.Sc students, accompanied by Prof. Fatema Nahid, went to Kamshet to visit Mr. Balsavar’s ‘Organic Farm’ as a part of the Agricultural Economics course.

Mr. Balsavar is a member of Maharashtra Federation of Organic Farmers. He has been practicing Organic Farming since the last 22 years. He is also helping 20 small farmers in the region to practice Organic Farming and to market their produce.

The visit to the farm was followed by a talk by Mr. Balsavar on "Economics of Organic Farming and its Sustainability”. It was subsequently followed by an interactive session with the students.

S.Y. B.Sc. Economics students Visited along with the faculty member Prof. Rohit Muraleedharan to RBI Monetary Museum on October 31, 2014 to understand the history of money in India as part of the course on 'Money, Banking and Financial Institutions'.


Convocation 2014

It was our proud privilege to have Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India as the Chief Guest for the Convocation 2014. The Convocation ceremony was held at Bhaidas Hall at 4.00 pm for Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics, School of Science and Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce.

The Convocation ceremony started with the academic procession comprising of the Chief Guest, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Chancellor, Shri Amrish Patel, Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Office bearers, Deans and Faculty members. The procession was led by the Registrar Dr. Meena Chintamaneni.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in his Convocation address talked about how India can achieve sustainable development and what integrated action is needed for India to achieve the same. He made the students pledge that they would have a goal and work hard with courage to achieve the same; that they would not be defeated by any problem but would work for removing problems of planet earth through the application of engineering and technology.

The following were the students in the Dean's List:

  1. Shefali Bhatia
  2. Ashwin Nair
  3. Garima Sinha

The following were the awards given to the graduating students of The Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics.

Students Award

  1. The first rank holder with a CGPA of 3.87 who also got a cash prize - Shefali Bhatia
  2. Best student for consistent Academic Performance 2011-14 – Shefali Bhatia
  3. Best All Rounder – Shefali Bhatia
  4. Best Speaker – Shefali Bhatia

Special prize for organizing

  1. Gandhar Parnandiwar
  2. Garima Sinha
  3. Harshal Patel
  4. Dhruv Sengar

Best Staff Award - 2013 – 14

Ms. Rita John Mascarenhas

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