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The world order is rapidly changing and the 'Slumbering Elephant' is actually racing ahead to catch the 'speeding tiger'. The erstwhile 'takers' have become the 'givers' and are widely recognized as the drivers of the world economy. Be prepared to witness dramatic changes ahead.

Economic policies, which were shunned earlier are now 'The policies of the millennium' pursued by all, irrespective of their ideological leanings. India's young vibrant population is today perceived as its main strength. Similarly, India's independent and well calibrated approach to the issue of full capital account convertibility, while preventing the ill effects of the global financial crisis, has proven to be a beacon in the art of Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate management for Central Banks all over the world.

In this changing world order and a globalised environment, Economics is emerging as a crucial 'science', the understanding of which is rooted in the Humanities, the application of which is based on Quantitative Methods and the impact of which is all pervasive whether it be International Relations and Politics, Finance, Management or Business. It is the recognition of these inter –linkages, which has led NMIMS, in its pioneering role, to set up the Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics.

The Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics was started in 2010. In this short period the School has managed to make its mark amongst the colleges offering Economics in the city of Mumbai, with its corporate interface, industry exposure, as also the strong and rigorous academic content that it has come to signify.

The B.Sc. Economics program launched in 2010 in its Mumbai campus, seeks to redefine graduate Economics courses in India, with its unique course content and innovative pedagogy. The course seeks to develop an individual who is capable of being seamlessly integrated into a career in any organization or even as an entrepreneur. It also aims to provide strong fundamentals for post-graduation studies in any part of the world.

The M.Sc. Economics program is a full time 2 year degree course which was introduced in 2016. It is an academically challenging course which gives application based learning and equips students to get employment in professional occupations or in other Research focused roles.

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