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Academic Year 2017-18

Incoming Students to NMIMS SAMSOE for Student Exchange Program 
From Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg Germany – 1 Student

International Visitors on Campus

Sr. No. Guest Name & Designation Topic Date


Dr. Leandro M De Magalhaes

Lecturer, University of Bristol, U.K.

"Separation of powers and the tax level”


2 Prof. Pankaj Jain, George Johnson Professor and Chairman of the Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIR) in the Fogelman College of Business at the University of Memphis, USA "Stock market regulations" 18-12-2019
3 Prof. Atul Mishra, Plymouth Business School ( University of Plymouth UK ) "Brexit and its impact on Indian Economy" 14-12-2019
4 Prof. Ananish Chaudhuri, Professor of Experimental Economics and the Head of the Department of Economics, University of Auckland Business School "Rational Fools? A brief introduction to Behavioural Economics" 29-08-2019
5 Dr Ulhas Gunjal IMF as a Senior Economist  "The Role of the IMF in the World Economy” 06-02-2019
6 Dr Rochelle Almeida Post-Colonial literary specialist, is a Professor of South Asian Studies in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University.  "Travel Writing” 02-02-2019
7 Ms. Ambika Solanki, Senior Teacher Fellow at Birmingham City Universit "Professional Ethics and Fraud 01-11-2018
8 Dr. Gurleen Popli 
Lecturer at The University of Sheffield 
"Economic Analysis of Poverty and Inequality." 21-08-2018
9 Prof. Simon Sweeney,University of York Changing World Order: Is Western decline inevitable and will developing economies shape the 21st century institutionalism? 12-02-2018
10 Deputy Governor of Bundesbank, The German Central Bank  German central bank’s views on current political and economic challenges in Europe. 08-08-2017
11 Dr Jens Mueller (MNZM) from University of Waikato, New Zealand (Education New Zealand (ENZ), a New Zealand’s government agency for international education) Developing Strategic Intent for Sustainable Success 07-09-2017
12 Prof. Alex Tabarrok, Bartley, J. Madden Chair in Economics at the Mercatus Center and Professor of economics, George Mason University, Seeing the Invisible Hand 14-02-2017
13 Prof. Sayantan Ghosal, Professor, University of Glasgow Inclusive Growth: Inequality and the targets for policy reform 07-11-2016
14 Adam Butt Senior Lecturer at Australian National University   NA 01-12-2015
15 Andrew Bradly Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director (Education) Australian National University NA 01-12-2015
16 Ms. Rochelle D'silva, Poet/artist, Melbourne Creative writing 21-02-2015
17 Sayuri Matsuno, MD, Spectrum LS consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Japan Strategies used in the United Nations disarmament mission, and differences in cultures & strategies among Japanese & Indian firms 28-08-2014
18 Dr. Liu Yuofa, Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China Economic Prospects of China and the Future for China-India Relations. 11-03-2014
19 Mr. Takami Miyazaki - JETRO - Japan External Trade Organisation Development Experience of Major Economics 12-09-2012
20 Ms. Eva D’ Ambrosio, Vice Consul for Economic Affairs, American Consulate General NA 08-08-2012
21 Mr. Ronan Crowley, Senior Disciple of Swami Parthasarathy Self-Management through Vedanta 05-01-2012
22 Rajkamal Iyer, Associate Professor of Finance, MIT NA 20-08-2011
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