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Farewell 2018

The Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics hosted its Farewell on the 5th of April, 2018 for the students of T.Y.B.Sc, Batch of 2015-2018, and for the first M.Sc. batch of 2016-2018. The farewell started with a welcome speech by the hosts, Dhwani Nanavati and Vedarshi Shastry from S.Y.B.Sc, followed by awards presented to the outgoing students. A small movie was made and presented by the students depicting their memories at SAMSOE. There was a performance by the junior students, and speeches from departing students and some faculty members. This was followed by a farewell message from Prof. Amita Vaidya, Associate Dean. A cake was cut along with high tea. The evening ended on a memorable note.

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  • Outbound activity 2018

On February 27, 2018 students of M. Sc. and T.Y. B.Sc. accompanied by faculty members went to Durshet Nature Trails located in Khopoli as an extension of outdoor classroom activity. This is a 35-acre natural forest with extensive teak trails set against the Sahyadri range with the river Amba adjacent to the property. More than 40 students of the M. Sc. and T.Y. B.Sc. participated in various fun-filled adventure activities such as Burma Bridge, Rappelling, Zip-Line, Tarzen Swing and team games etc. these activities required them to collaborate and cooperate with each other. These activities enabled students to better understand how good leadership skills and being a team player can lead to superior team outcomes along with individual success.

  • INSIGHT-2018

The Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics participated in the Management and Financial fest INSIGHT on February 7th to 10th 2018 organized by N.M. College of Commerce & Economics. SAMSOE achieved the first contingent Prize. Anushka Goenka was the (CL) and Himanshu Sarda and Vidit Dugar were the Assistant CLs. They won the best PR trophy.

Following students won the different prizes in the event.


Name of the student Name of the Event Position
Anushka Goenka
Vidit Dugar
Corporate Milap (An event based on mergers and acquisitions) 1st
Karishma Panchami,
Shreya Tosniwal
Newtons cradle- ( Creatively connecting various economics events) 1st
Upamanyu Sinha
Mahak Mittal
Newtons cradle- ( Creatively connecting various economics events) 2nd
Amogh Gupta
Amiya Doabia
Newtons cradle- ( Creatively connecting various economics events) 3rd
Upamanyu Sinha
Mahak Mittal
Credito Escala- (testing ones economics knowledge) 1st
Rohan Gupta
Ria Sharma
Credito Escala- (testing ones economics knowledge) 2nd
Dhwani Nanavati Gafla- ( crisis management) 1st
Saru Pruthi 
Vedant Modi 
Vineet Choudhari 
Rohit Harlalka
Checkmate- (Event based on economics and different board games) 2nd
Yash Sarda,
Devika Tiwari
The heist- ( critical thinking and analyzing a given situation ) 1st
Raunak Gupta,
Vidit Dugar
Railwars- (extensive case study on Bombay Central Station) 2nd
Amogh Gupta Positional Call- (financial decision making) 3rd
Sanjena Bhutani Recruiters Regime- ( selection procedure of an employee) 2nd
Amogh Gupta Recruiters Regime- (selection procedure of an employee) 3rd


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  • FURY 2018

Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics organized an intercollegiate Sports Fest 'Fury – 2018' on 16 & 17 February, 2018 at Gallant Sports Arena and at Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School.

Fury'18 came up with its own tagline this year which was "Refuse to Lose" inspiring all committee members and participants to overcome the obstacles and becoming the winners by achieving their targets efficiently.

It aims to provide a platform to students from all over Maharashtra to come together and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and compete against one another to bag the winning title.

This year, Fury was taken a notch higher as it moved forward in its path of becoming one of the best Sports Fests in the city, witnessing around 1000 participants from more than 60 colleges.

Starting with 'Fury Futsal' (an inter-collegiate football tournament), the fest had added Basketball last year. This year it took a big leap & grew exponentially by hosting 7 sporting events for both boys & girls. There were 3 flagship events namely Football, Basketball and Box Cricket. The other events were Table Tennis, Chess, Volleyball and Survival of the Fittest (strength & endurance event). Along with cash prizes of Rs.85000, trophies, medals, certificates and vouchers were given to the winners of the respective sports. The following table gives a short summary of the participation at Fury'18:

The Best Contingent trophy was won by NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce and Indian Maritime University was the Runner's Up.

The following were the WINNERS for Fury 2018:


Group Football Basketball
Boys Bhavans College National Institute of Construction and Management and Research
Girls S.K. Somaiya College VJTI


The following were the Runner's Up for Fury 2018:


Group Football Basketball
Boys St. Xavier's College Thakur College
Girls Indian School of Design and Innovation Sophia College


The following were the winners for Table Tennis


Group Football Basketball
Boys Singles D. J Sanghvi College NMIMS School of Business Management
Girls Singles IIT Bombay IIT Bombay
Boy's Doubles D. J Sanghvi College NMIMS School of Business Management


Winners for Other events


Group Football Basketball
Box Cricket Indian Maritime University M. K Sanghvi College
Volleyball Pillai College Atharva College
Chess N. M College Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce
Survival of the Fittest Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, NMIMS Whistling Woods


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  • Budget Day Shoot with NMIMS

6 Students from Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics attended Budget Day Shoot with NMIMS organized by ET NOW on 25th January 2018. The discussion was on following topics :

  • Thoughts on the previous Union Budget?
  • Expectations from this year's Union Budget? 
  • Current Tax Policies, Exceptions & the Investment Limits. What is their take on it? 
  • Suggestions for Finance Minister?


  • Ka-Ching – 2018


Ka-Ching, the annual economics and management fest was held on 15th and 16th January, 2018. The fest consisted of events from the economics and non-economics domain such as Bull Run (A mock stock exchange), Chor Bazaar (A barter system based event), War of Westeros, Ineffable (Literary event) and many more. The fest hosted participants from colleges in Mumbai as well as other cities like Chennai and Bangalore. The fest ended with NMIMS' Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics placing first, followed by H.R. College of Commerce and Economics in the Runners up position and Jai Hind College in the second runners up position.

Student Awards

1st prize at 'Ka-Ching', for Contingent Inter-Collegiate Economics & Management Fest organized by (Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics).

Individual prizes won by students of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics at Ka-Ching.


Date Participants Position Event Name
1. Pranav and Amritesh 1 Ad-diction
2. Saru and Vineet 2 Chor Bazaar
3. Rupal and Nikhil 1 Mathletes
4. Ayan 2 War of westeros
5. Pranav and Punya 1 Rush
6. Pushaan and Ashutosh Bohra 2 Company Conundrum
7. Aditya Basu and Praneet Jaswani 1 KaPL


Mr Akshit Agarwal from T.Y. B.Sc. Economics won the Young India Challenge Conference held in Mumbai in November 2017.


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Club Activities

Performing Arts Club – Junoon

Annual Day 

The cultural programme was held on 24th March 2018 in Juhu Jagruti Hall. In an attempt to make it different, the dance, drama and music committee came together to bring a cohesive performance for the audience. The theme was 'Bollywood over Decades'. The performance was followed by distribution of certificates for Shastrarth, Kaching as well as Fury. The Third Year students also celebrated their last 'Cultural Day' at SAMSOE and did an impromptu dance together as a batch.

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  • Ethnic Day

The SAMSOE Performing Arts Club organized its Annual Ethnic Day on the 12th of October, 2017. Students celebrated the festival of Diwali by donning their finest ethnic outfits and decking up the college area in festive decor. The corridors and classrooms were lit up with diyas and beautiful rangolis, that were made by the students themselves.

  • Showroom- Cultural Programme

'Showroom' was held on 2nd September 2017, where the students of SAMSOE showcased their talent. There were wide range of performances which included an impromptu western band, a one act play by the theatre club, various dance performances and much more.

  • Belly Dance Workshop

The first event for this academic year by Junoon was the one and a half hour belly dance workshop, held on 19th August 2017. It was conducted by Punya Kakkar, a third year student of SAMSOE. Students enthusiastically participated in the workshop.

 Debate and MUN Society

  • Intra-college debate 
The debate and MUN Society SAMSOE organised its annual Intra-college debate on 5th August 2017. The students debated on various topics including, "This House Believes That Hactivism is an acceptable form of protest", "This House Believes That surge pricing is a veil used by companies to overcharge customers and "THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs". The esteemed panel of judges included Dr. Esha Khanna, Dr. Rohit Muraleedharan, Professor Sneha Thayyil and Dr. Anand B. Akshat Nagori, from SYB was adjudged the best speaker for the motion and Gokul Pisharody, from SYA was the best speaker against the motion. Akshat Nagori and Vedarshi Shastry from SY were adjudged the best team. Vidit Dugar and Saru Pruthi were the moderators of the event.


  • Selection of Student Contingent for Shastrarth 
Shastrarth selection for Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics was conducted on 23rd August 2017. Dr. Esha Khanna, Dr. Rohit Muraleedharan were the judges and Saru Pruthi and Ayan Sarkar were the moderators of the event.


Sports Club

  • Intra-College Football Tournament

On 10th March 2018 the Sports club of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics, organized an Intra-College Football tournament. An Auction was conducted on 8th of March 2018 for three categories of players- Goal Keepers, Defenders and Attackers.

The teams were given the names as All Stars' led by Abhaas Jain, 'Azrael' led by Satya, 'Alpha-Q' led by Nikhil Gupta, 'Boom' led by Devang Patni, 'Haargaye' led by Amritesh Malhan and 'What' led by Ayan Sarkar.

Team 'What' wins the final. The players were Ayan Sarkar, Abhishek, Akshina, Mayank, Vineet, Rohan Gupta, Anoushka.

  • Intra-College Box Cricket Tournament

On Saturday, 27th January, 2018, the Sports Club of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics, organized an Intra-College Box Cricket Tournament.

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  • Intra-college Carrom Tournament

The Sports Club of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics, organized an Intra-College Carrom Tournament on Saturday, 7th October 2017. 24 teams participated in the tournament. The winners were Mohit Pamecha and Richit Bid and the runners up were Nikunj Aggarwal and Prarthana Kasat. The winners were given prize money of Rs.600 and the runners-up were given Rs.400.

  • Intra-college Basketball Tournament

On 16th September 2017, the Sports Club of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics organized an Intra-College Basketball Tournament. There were 18 participating teams with 4 players each with 1 being a rolling substitute. It was mandatory for all teams to have at least one girl in their team. The format of the tournament was Group Stage, Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and the Finals. The semi-finalists were El-Cuatro and Wildcats, with the final title won by El-Cuatro. El-Cuatro: Abhishek Vempati, Sourab Banerjee, Raunaq Jain, Vanshika Agarwal (FYs) Wildcats: Udit Vaishav, Saksham Ahuja, Vaibhav Jain (FYs) & Saru Pruthi (TY) The winners were given prize money of Rs.1200 and the runners-up were given Rs.800. Alongside, titles of Best Male Player, Best Female Player and the Most Promising Player were given to Saurabh Banerjee, Vanshika Agarwal and Udit Vaishnav respectively.


  • B Quiz

SAMSOE's E-cell conducted its very first event on 30 July 2017, which was a huge success with over 50 participants. In the final round, the participants had to use game theory to decide whether colluding and forming a cartel or flying solo would bring in more points. It was a close call, but the winning team consisted of Gokul Pisharody and Ishaan Thakkar, followed by Aditya Gariyali and Ashutosh Bohra. The rounds were innovative, out of the box and certainly seemed to test the general knowledge and the strategic thinking of the teams.

Movie Club (Outtake)

  • Quiz: Clash of Fans

Outtake, the SAMSOE Movie Club, conducted its second event of the academic year 2017-18 on 16th December, 2017 – Clash of Fans. It was an interactive quiz show, testing the participants based on their knowledge on films and TV series in pop culture. With participation from thirteen teams from the B.Sc. and M.Sc. Economics batches, a total of 4 rounds were conducted. The first round was a written round. The second round consisted of each team getting two passable trivia-based questions. The third round was an "Identify the Character" round where each team had to name the character based on the picture displayed or the slightly modified audio file presented. The quiz culminated in a final Rapid Fire round, boiling down to two teams. The rules were simple: the first team to get five correct answers wins. The quiz ended with the team from FYBSc Economics – Abhra Rohtagi and Ojasvi Agarwaal – winning the quiz and bagging Rs. 1000 as the prize.

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  • Movie Screening

The Movie Club (Outtake) held a screening of the 1980 hit comedy, "Airplane!" on the 26th of August, 2017.

Social and Community Service Club - SAMVEDANA

  • Sounds of Silence-'100 Santas Project'

Sounds of Silence is an NGO primarily working towards the empowerment of the hearing impaired.

The '100 Santas Project' was an initiative by Sounds of Silence to distribute gifts and food to the underprivileged children in the city on Christmas Eve.

Students from the School of Economics volunteered as Santas and helped distribute gifts in this regard in and around Bandra on December 24, 2017.

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  • Goonj Donation Drive

The Social Service club of SAMSOE organized a donation drive on 9th and 10th October 2017 in association with Goonj, a non-governmental organization based in India which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 22 states across India.

Students, faculty, and staff gave overwhelming response to the Flood Relief Drive.

The collection made was:

Clothes (5 cartons) 
Used paper (4 cartons) 
Toys (1 carton) 
Utensils (1 carton) 
Dry ration (1 carton) 
Shoes (1 carton)

Literary Club

  • Scroll of Thoughts

Scroll of Thoughts came out with its first issue on July 14, 2017 at the Orientation.

Participation in Inter-Collegiate Festivals


Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics students participated in ARTHANOMICS (Economic Festival) hosted by Jai Hind College on the 8th and 9th of September and won the following prizes

1. 2nd position - tessellate 
Anushka Goenka and Himanshu Sarda

2. 2nd position- crime and catastrophe 
Anushka Goenka and Himanshu Sarda

  • VAAYU-2017 (December 13-17, 2017)

SAMSOE participated in VAAYU-2017 (Organised by Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce) where more than 70 colleges participated. SAMSOE won the 2nd Runners Up trophy at VAAYU. Following are the winners of the respective events:


Sr.No. Participants Position Event Name Event Department Event Description
1. Anushka Goenka
Vidit Dugar
1 Suits And Ladder Innovations Legal Event
2. Vidit Dugar
Raunak Gupta
1 Space Odyssey Management Event Time Travel
3. Mayank Bose
Aditi Jain
2 Narcos Informals Treasure Hunt
4. Shubahata Agarwal 2 Corporate Chaos Innovations Corporate Communication
5. Raunaq Jain
Tanya Patil
1 Age Of Exchange Management event Barter Event
6. Muskaan Sofet
Nikunj Aggarwal
2 Age Of Exchange Management event Barter Event
7. Rohit Harlalka
Shubhagata Agarwa
2 Business Take Off Management event Corporate Strategy
8. Shreya Tusniwal
Avi Mathur
Meet Mehta
1 The Revelation Innovations Case Study
9. Shreya Tusniwal 2 Marketing Maniac Externals Marketing Event
10. Meet Mehta
2 Rusted Pieces Innovations History Event
11. Vedant Modi
Rohit Harlalka
1 Envirofiesta Innovations Environment Stimulation
12. Raunak Gupta
Vidit Dugar
1 Billions Management event Investment Banking
13. Manushri Jain
Rohan Gupta
2 Billions Management event Investment Banking
14. Anushka Goenka
Udit Vaishnav
2 The Lasts Of Cl Informals War Of Cls
15. Devika Tiwari 1 The Lost Isalnd Innovations Room Escape Event
16. Anirudh Choudhary 2 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Literary Arts Dubbing Event
17. Yogesh Agarwal 1 Iron Man Gaming And Sports Fitness Event
18. Dhawani Nanvati 1 Mic Drop Informals Mr And Ms Vaayu


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Umang-2017 (August 13 – 16, 2017)

Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics came 6th out of 90 colleges which participated in UMANG 2017 hosted by NM College of Commerce and Economics


Date Name Event Year & Div. Prize Won
1. Anoushka Kumar Deli Belly SYB 1st runners up in Deli Belly- Marketing Event
2. Amogh Gupta Real Estate Tycoon SYA Real Estate Tycoon Winner
3. Akshat Nagori La Debate SYB Best Speaker
4. Anirudh Choudhry La Debate FY Best Team
5. Manvika Tuneja La Debate FY Best Team
6. Nickil Chopraa Unpopular opinions FY 2nd Prize in Unpopular Opinions
7. Kaushik Saboo Cricket Quiz SYB ESPN Cricinfo Cricket Quiz Winner


International Level Participation

New Zealand India Sustainability Challenge Competition

The New Zealand India Sustainability Challenge is a competition for Indian students to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions to problems faced by their communities. It is organised by Study in New Zealand, and winners of the competition will get the opportunity to do an internship in 3 New Zealand universities: the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago and the University of Waikato. The Challenge is being implemented in India in association with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), a leading think tank dedicated to conducting research for sustainable development of India and the Global South. Over 150 teams from all over the country participated in the initial online round.

2 teams from our college made it to the Regional Round, which was held on 13-14th September 2017 at KJ Somaiya College, Vidyavihar (East), Mumbai.

Team 1: Dhwani Nanavati and Ajay Jagani 
Team 2: Saru Pruthi and Vidit Dugar

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