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6th Mar 2020

Public Finance and Policy

"Separation of powers and the tax level”

Dr. Leandro M De Magalhaes

Lecturer, University of Bristol, U.K.

18th Dec 2019 Financial Economics "Stock market regulations Prof. Pankaj Jain, George Johnson Professor and Chairman of the Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIR) in the Fogelman College of Business at the University of Memphis, USA
14th Dec 2019 Economics of Geopolitics and International Relations "Brexit and its impact on Indian Economy" Prof. Atul Mishra, Plymouth Business School ( University of Plymouth UK )
29th August 2019 Behavioral Economics "Rational Fools? A brief introduction to Behavioural Economics" Prof. Ananish Chaudhuri, Professor of Experimental Economics and the Head of the Department of Economics, University of Auckland Business School
6th February 2019 Economics of Geopolitics and International Relations "The Role of the IMF in the World Economy” Dr Ulhas Gunjal IMF as a Senior Economist 
2nd February 2019 Creative Writing "Travel Writing” Dr Rochelle Almeida Post-Colonial literary specialist, is a Professor of South Asian Studies in the Global Liberal Studies Program at New York University.
1st November 2018 Principles of Managemen "Professional Ethics and Fraud" Ms. Ambika Solanki, Senior Teacher Fellow at Birmingham City University
21st September 2018 Development Economics "Economic Analysis of Poverty and Inequality." Dr. Gurleen Popli Lecturer at The University of Sheffield 
20th February 2018 NA Workshop on "Effective Business Communication Skills -The art of speaking for life" Evlon Dsouza, Public Speaker, Communication Skill Trainer Cofounder, In-country (on behalf of Webster University)
12th February 2018 1. Economics of Geopolitics and International Relations 
2. Economic Governance and Policy
Changing World Order: Is Western decline inevitable and will developing economies shape the 21st century institutionalism? Prof Simon Sweeney, University of York 
7th September 2017 NA Developing Strategic Intent for Sustainable Success Dr Jens Mueller (MNZM) from University of Waikato, New Zealand
8th August 2017 NA German central bank’s views on current political and economic challenges in Europe. Deputy Governor of Bundesbank, The German Central Bank
14th February 2017 Economic Governance and Policies Seeing the Invisible Hand Prof. Alex Tabarrok, Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics George Mason University 
7th November NA Inclusive Growth: Inequality and the targets for policy reform  Prof. Sayantan Ghosal, Professor, University of Glasgow


  • Corporate project: Study on ‘Electoral behavior among youth’, organizing body: NGO PRAJA
  • Finance GYM (Grow Your Money) a Financial Literacy Programme conducted by Prof. Binal Gandhi for S.Y. B.Sc. Economics students.
  • Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan, Executive director of Tata Sons Ltd.
  • Mr. Bipin Deokar, Senior Deputy Director (EPWRF)
  • Ms. Rajani Sinha, Senior Economist and Vice President at Aditya Birla group
  • Mr. S. Narayanan, Consulting Editor - Special Projects, The Free Press Journal
  • Mr. Vivek Kaul, Writer, Daily News and Analysis (DNA) and The Economic Times
  • Dr. Ram B. Bhagat, Professor and Head Department of Migration & Urban Studies, IIPS
  • Prof. Ananish Chaudhuri, Professor of Experimental Economics and the Head of the Department of Economics, University of Auckland Business School
  • Mr. Dhawal Joshi, Advanced Centre for Water Resources and Management ( ACWADAM )
  • Ms. Ashlesha R Dsouza, CELTA certified trainer with British Council India
  • Mr. Yashesh Sampat, Head- Affinity & Association, Associate Director, Chartered Insurance Broker (CII, London), FIII at Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Mr. Aditya Jahagirdar, Analyst, The Health Practice division of Villgro Foundation, a social enterprise incubator, Chennai.
  • Ms. Pratishtha Trivedi Mirza, RCI licensed Clinical Psychologist,
  • Ms. Sanchita Mukherjee, Senior Project Officer in the study on Global Youth Tobacco Survey IV, India undertaken by the WHO in collaboration with the Ministry of FHW and the International Institute for Population Sciences
  • Mr. Varun Aggarwal, Founder and Lead at INDIA MIGRATION NOW
  • Mr. Arindam Saha , Jt. CEO of Tickerplant Limited


  •  Live Project with Praja NGO, Practical Learning, Analytical Skills and Social Sensitivity for M.Sc. Students.
  •  F.Y.M. Sc. Economics students were working on Project ‘Study of solid waste management initiative in F/S ward of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’ as a part of their Research Paper undertaken by Shiv Sena Samajik Pratishtan in collaboration with NGO – PRAJA.
  •  Finance GYM (Grow Your Money) a Financial Literacy Programme conducted by Ms. Niyati Patel for S.Y. B.Sc. Economics students.
  •  Visual Analytics (SAS) conducted by Prof. Subhra Patra for B.Sc. Economics students.
  •  Base SAS conducted by Prof. Mahesh Mali for M.Sc. Economics students.
  •  Ms. Saloni Jain Vice President at Avendus Capital
  •  Air Marshal R K Dhir PVSM AVSM VM ADC, Air Officer Commanding-In-Chief, South Western Air Command
  •  Dr. Shubhada Rao, Chief Economist of Yes Bank
  •  Dr. N. R. Bhanumurthy, Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and Secretary, The Indian Econometric Society (TIES)
  •  Dr J. Dennis Rajakumar, Director, EPW Research Foundation
  •  Mr. Bhavin Shah Director Latin Manharlal
  •  Mr Satya Prasoon, Research Associate, The Centre for Law and Policy Research Bengaluru
  •  Ms. Elgiva Kharsati and Mr. Faisal Siddiqui, Teach for India (TFI)
  •  Dr. Sarthak Gaurav, Assistant Professor IIT Bombay
  •  Ms Pankhuri Tandon Junior Economist at CRISIL
  •  Ms Pratishtha Trivedi Mirza Clinical Psychology
  •  Mr. S. Narayanan Consulting Editor – Special Projects, The Free Press Journal
  •  Mr. Abhimanyu Asija, Chief Executive Officer
  •  Ms Poojaa Jadhav Founder & Chief Trainer, The Hexis Consulting
  •  Dr. Manisha Jain Visiting Assistant Professor, IGIDR



  • Deputy Governor of Bundesbank, The German Central Bank 
  • Mr. Kunal Gupta, TinkerLabs Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Dr. Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist 
  • Prof. Binal Gandhi & Mr. Arvind Savant, The Learning Curve Academy 
  • Mr. Abhimanyu Asija, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Mr. Dhaval Patel from Avanse Financial Services Ltd., Product Head of Avance Financial Services Ltd. 
  • Mr. Kevin Shah, Kevin Enterprises 
  • Dipti Deshpande, CRISIL 
  • Mr. Ramanuj Lal, Partner, Alternate Risk Premia Investments 
  • Ms. Poojaa Jadhav, Founder & Chief Trainer, The Hexis Consulting 
  • Ms. Alpa Jani, Trade Relations Manager, South African Tourism 
  • Ms. Riddhi Vartak_Project Officer, Praja Foundation 
  • Ms. Bhaavna Joshi Menon, Head Education Research, NCDEX 
  • Ms. Nirupama Subramanian, National Editor North, The Indian Express 
  • Mr. Nitin Yadav, SAS India 
  • R.N. Bhaskar, Consulting editor with both Free Press Journal and Moneycontrol-Network18 
  • Ms. Teresa John, Economist at Nirmal Bang Securities 
  • Ms. K.M Neelima, Research officer, Department of Economic Research and Policy, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai. 
  • Dr. Srinath Raghavan, Senior Fellow at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

2016- 2017

  • Visual Analytics Training to students for 32 hours in association with SAS, India.
  • Finance GYM (Grow Your Money) a financial literacy programme conducted by learning curve academy in conjunction with Kotak Mahindra Bank for S.Y. and T.Y. B.Sc. Economics students for 3 weeks.
  • Mr. Sumit Patil, Res. Director Neerman 
  • Pooja Jadhav, Founder & Chief Trainer, The Hexis Consulting 
  • Pratyush Bhaskar, Business Journalist 
  • R.N. Bhasker, Consulting Editor, Asia News
  • Mr. Nitesh Bhati, Assistant General Manager, SEBI, 4th March, 2017 
  • Mr. Ramanuj Lal, Partner, Alternate Risk Premia Investments, 5th November, 2016 
  • Mr. Pratik Mitra, Director Monetary Policy, RBI, 22nd October 2016 
  • Ms. Dolly Jha, Executive Director, Nielsen, 22nd October 2016 
  • Mr. Rishi Gangoly, India’s first website coach, 15th October 2016
  • Mr. Satish Belani, Head, Data Scientist A.C. Nelsion
  • Mr. M. P. Rege, Retired commissioner Commodity Board, Principles of Management, 27th September 2016
  • Mr. Parth Gandhi, M.D. Aion Capital, Corporate Finance, 26th September 2016
  • Poojaa.V. Jadhav, Director & Chief Trainer, THE HEXIS CONSULTING, Marketing Management, 19th Septemnber 2016
  • Mr. R.N.Bhaskar, Consulting Editor, DNA, International Economics, 6th September 2016


  • Ms. Dipti Deshpande, Senior Economist, CRISIL, Indian Economy, 19th October 2015
  • Ms. Shobana Krishnan, Senior Credit Analyst, CRISIL, Time Series Econometrics, 17th October 2015
  • Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh, Group Economist, Raymonds, International Economics, 17th October 2015
  • Dr. Shubhro Sarkar, Assistant Professor, IGIDR, Game Theory, 9th October 2015
  • Mr. Avinash Thakur, Head - Marketing & Business Development, Netafim India Agricultural Economics, 5th October 2015
  • Mrs. Priya Subbaraman, Head, Legal and Compliance products, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, "Money, Banking & Financial Institutions, 3rd October 2015
  • Abhimanyu Asija, CEO, SOMMET, Effective Communication, 13th August 2015

2014 - 2015

  • Dr. Bandi Ramprasad, CEO, Growth Markets Advisory Services - Money, Banking & Financial Institutions - 11th November 2014
  • Dr. Veeramani C., Associate Professor, IGIDR - International Economics - 11th October 2014
  • Ms. Sakshi Gupta, Economist, CRISIL - Indian Economy - I - 29th September 2014
  • Mr. Akshit Shah, Project Manager Boston Consulting Group - Industrial Economics - 30th August 2014
  • Ms. Sayuri Matsuno, Managing Director of Spectrum LS consultancy Pvt. Ltd. - Game Theory - 28th August 2014
  • Prof. M.H. Suryanarayana, Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research - Introduction to Econometrics - 28th August 2014

2013- 2014

  • Ms. Sarika Nayak from ICICI bank conducted the session on e-Learning Banking Modules for the S.Y. B.Sc. Economics on August 19, 2013.
  • Dr. Balwant Singh (Retd.) - Principal Advisor to Governor, Reserve Bank of India - Applied Econometrics- March 12, 2014
  • Dr. Liu Yuofa - Consul-General Of The People's Republic Of China - Economic Prospects Of China And The Future For China-India Relations - March 11, 2014
  • Mr. R.N.Bhaskar - Consulting Editor, DNA- Social Spending By The Indian Government - March 04, 2014
  • Mr. Hussain Zaidi- Writer - Creative Writing- February12, 2014
  • Ms. Nidhi Raina- Lead Consultant, Global Consulting Practice, Tata Consulting Practice - Awareness About Communication- February 11, 2014
  • Dr. Vinish Kathuria - Associate Professor, Shailesh J. Mehta School Of Management, Iit Mumbai - Advanced Econometrics - January 14, 2014
  • Dr. Vidya Mahambare - Chief Economist, Crisil- Indian Economy - January 09, 2014
  • Ms. Dipti Deshpande - Chief Economist, Crisil - International Economics - Global Meltdown and its impact on The Indian Economy - October 01, 2013
  • Dr. Neeraj Hatekar - Professor, University Of Mumbai - Behavioral Economics - September17, 2013
  • Dr. Shubhro Sarkar - Assistant Professor, Igidr - Game Theory- September 12, 2013
  • Ms. Harini Calamur - Head - Digital Content, Zee Media Group - Economics of Geopolitics & International - 20.09.2013
  • Mr. Akshit Shah, - Project Manager - Boston Consulting Group - Industrial Economics - Oligopoly Pricing - 18.08.2013
  • Ms. Ahona Ghosh - Head Strategic Communication, Indian Institute for Human Settlement - Transform Urban India - 05.08.2013

2012 - 2013

  • Mr. Bala Aghora Murthy - Hindustan Unilever - International Business - 25.03.2013
  • Dr. K. Narayanan - Professor & Head of the Department - Humanities & Social Sciences - IIT- Mumbai, - International Economics - 19.03.2013
  • Ms. Ashusuyash - Chief Executive Officer - L & T Mutual Fund - Indian Economy - 13.03.2013
  • Dr. Subro Sarkar - Assistant Professor - IGIDR - Industrial Organization & Competition Policy - 06.03.2013
  • Mr. Aurodip Nandy - Senior Economic Advisor - British High Commission - Graduation Education in Economics - 08.02.2013
  • Mr. T. Sonna - Assistant Advisor Agricultural Desk RBI - Agricultural Pricing Policy - 04.01.2013
  • Mr. Rakesh Bhatia - Assistant General Manager - Bank of Baroda - Structure of the Indian Banking System and Balance Sheet of a Commercial Bank - 18.12.2012
  • Ms. Sarika Nayak - ICICI Bank - Money, Banking & Financial Institution - 16.10.2012
  • Mr. Niranjan Rajadhyaksha - Executive Editor - Mint - Economics of Geopolitics and International Relations - 15.09.2012
  • Mr. Takami Miyazaki - Deputy Director - JETRO - Development Experience of Major Economics - 12.09.2012
  • Mr. Akshit Shah - Project Manager - Boston Consulting Group - Industrial Economics - 06.09.2012
  • Dr. Vidya Mahambare - Senior Economist, CRISIL - Global Financial Crisis and its impact on India - 05.09.2012
  • Ms. Eva D' Ambrosio - Vice Consul for Economic Affairs, American Consulate General - Lecture discussion on Elinor Ostrom, the first women Nobel Prize winner in Economics - 08.08.2012
  • Dr. Shubro Sarkar - Assistant Professor - IGIDR - Game theory - 07.08.2012
  • Dr. Vivek Belhkaar - Assistant Professor - University of Mumbai - Behavioral Economics - 26.07.2012
  • Mr. Suhail Gupta - Consultant, Ideas Management Consultant - Lateral Thinking - 20.07.2012
  • Mr. Rajit Kapur - Film Actor - Discussion on the movie Suraj Ka Satva Ghoda - 14.07.2012

2011 - 2012

  • Mr. Praveen Kutty - Head, Retail and SME Banking, Development Credit Bank - Ka-Ching festival - 21.02.2012
  • Dr. K. Narayanan - IIT - Professor & Head of the Department - Humanities & Social Sciences - IIT- Mumbai - Industrial Organization, Trade and Competition Policy - 09.02.2012
  • Dhaval Doshi - CEO - Web venturous Interactive - Leadership - 04.02.2012
  • Mr. T Sonna - Assistant Advisor Agricultural Desk RBI - Agricultural Pricing Policy - 09.12.2011
  • Harini Calamur - Media Professional - Interrelation between Economics and other Social Science Subjects - 07.12.2011
  • Mr. M.H.Suryanarayana - Professor of Economics - Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research - Econometrics - 02.12.2011
  • Mr. K. Gothandraman - Deputy General Manager - ICICI Bank - Risk Assessment by Commercial Banks - 28.11.2011 and 29.11.2011
  • Mr. Rahul Dholakia - Director of National award winning film "Perzania' - Discussion on the movie Perzania - 26.11.2011
  • Mr. C.D. Shreedharan - Ex- RBI professor & Faculty NMIMS - The Bank Nationalization Act 1969 - The Present scenario of banking in India - 22.11.2011
  • Mr. Yajuvendra Chauhan - Cluster Manager - ICICI Bank - Assessing Branch Profitability - 15.11.2011
  • Dr. Abhay Pethe - Professor, University of Mumbai - Various topics in Economics - 19.10.2011
  • Mr. R. Raghuraman - Vice President, Planning, Logistics and Customer Service at Hindustan Unilever Ltd - Economics of Supply chain - 18.10.2011
  • Mr. Rashmin Sanghvi - C.A - Currency Wars - 14.10.2011
  • Ms. Meeta Shah - Psychological Counsellor, NMIMS - Emotions & Its Management - 09.09.2011 and 10.09.2011
  • Mr. Akshit Shah - Project Manager, Boston Consult Group - Pricing in a Commodity Market with Limited Differentiation - 03.09.2011
  • Mrs. Vidya Mahambre - Senior Economist, CRISIL - Global Financial Crisis - 04.08.2011 and 05.08.2011
  • Mr. Suhail Gupta - Consultant, Ideas Management Consultant - Lateral Thinking - 23.07.2011
  • Mrs. Lonie D'mello - Freelance Trainer - Enhancement of emotional quotient - 16.07.2011

2010 - 2011

  • Mr. Gaurav Motiani - ICICI Bank - ICICI e-learning modules - 25.03.2011
  • Mr. Dharamakirit Joshi - Director & Principal Economist, CRISIL - India's growth story - 13.11.2010
  • Mr. K. Ramkumar - Executive Director, ICICI - Economic Drivers & Challenges Facing - 08.09.2010
  • Dr. Nishant Kolgaonkar - Vice President, HR, Allcargo - Decision Making and Problem Solving - 17.07.2010
  • Mr. Ketan Mehta - Film Director - Discussion on the movie Mirch Masala - 16.07.2010
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