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Industry Exposure

SAMSOE has pioneered a unique model of having 5% of the lectures of all core subjects conducted by industry experts in the subject. Thus we saw a number of renowned professionals conduct lectures, giving students a chance to interact with them and see for themselves the wider ramifications of what they are taught in class. Students are also taken on trips to varied places, from banks to farms, to allow them to merge the theoretical with the practical.


February 2012

On February 9, 2012 Dr. K. Narayanan, Prof and Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Mumbai addressed the B.Sc. Economics students on 'Industrial Organization, Trade and Competition Policy'. Citing examples, he spoke on misdirected policies, which paradoxically have resulted in a reduction rather than an increase in competition.


December 2011

On December 2, 2011, Dr. M. H. Suryanarayana, Professor of Economics at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, conducted a session on ‘Applications of Econometrics’ for the second-year students.

On December 9, 2012, Mr. T. Sonna, Assistant Advisor Agricultural Desk RBI conducted a session on "Agricultural Pricing Policy” for the S.Y.B.sc students. It was followed by an interaction.

The second-year students went to Kamshet to visit Mr. Balsavar’s organic farm as a part of the Agricultural Economics course. Mr. Balsavar is a member of the Maharashtra Federation of Organic Farmers. He has been practicing organic farming since the last 20 years. He is also helping 20 small farmers in the region practice organic farming and market their produce. The visit to the farm was followed by a talk by Mr. Balsavar on "Economics of organic farming and its sustainability‘. It was followed by an interactive session with the students.


November 2011

These sessions resumed on the 14th of November with Mr. Yajuvendra Chauhan, Cluster Manager, ICICI Bank (Juhu Branch) delivering a lecture on "The Banking system and Bank Branch Profitability” to students of the second year. The informative lecture included details of how a bank branch functions, how it earns income, what norms it follows and how each desk in a branch acts as a profit-making entity. The next day, students were taken to visit various ICICI Bank branches to better understand this very concept.

On November 22, 2011 Prof. C.D. Sreedharan, adjunct faculty, NMIMS and ex-RBI Professor at the RBI Training College, addressed the second year students of the School of Economics on the topic ‘Balance Sheet of a Commercial bank’. The discussion was like a journey back in time, starting from the establishment of the Bank Nationalization Act, 1969 to the present scenario of banking in India. Mr. Sreedharan spoke about the various norms followed by banks across the globe and enlightened the students about how the banking system influences everyone, from an individual to an economy as a whole.

On November 28 & 29, 2011, a Guest Lecture was conducted by Mr. K. Gothandraman, Deputy General Manager- ICICI Bank. He dealt with the topic "Risk Assessment by Commercial Banks” in two 2-hour sessions.


August 2011

The first guest lecture of the year was conducted by Dr. Vidya Mahambare, Senior Economist, CRISIL, as a part of the subject of International Economics on the 4th and 5th of August. These sessions allowed students to delve deeper into the global financial crisis of 2008.

A session on Financial Economics was conducted on August 20, 2011 by Dr. Rajkamal Iyer, Assistant Professor at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He discussed an HBS case study with the students ‘Cost of Capital at Ameritrade’. This case study gave students an insight into the practical aspects of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Mr. Akshit Shah, Project Manager, Boston Consultancy Group conducted a lecture on the topic "Pricing” as a part of the aforementioned 5% component for Industrial Economics.


Guest Lecture Series

The aforementioned exposure to industry is a course component for the second-year students. However, in a bid to ensure that our first-year students are also acquainted with experts from industry and otherwise, SAMSOE conducted a number of guest lectures for them as well. These were not part of the curriculum, but were held to give students an idea of what to expect when they move up next year.


February 2012

A Workshop on Leadership Training was conducted by Mr. Dhaval Doshi & Namrata from Youthapreneurs on February 4, 2012 for the S.Y. B.Sc. Economics Students.


December 2011

On December 7, 2011 Ms. Harini Calamur, a media professional and Visiting faculty at top Mumbai colleges , conducted a session on 'Interrelation between Economics and other Social Science Subjects' for the first and second year students.


October 2011

On October 14, 2011, Mr. Rashmin Sanghvi, C.A, delivered a lecture on the topic "Currency Wars”. Speaking on the topic, he emphasized on the need for a different outlook in the conduct of the foreign exchange policy of the RBI and the need for the rupee to be allowed to appreciate.

Mr. R. Raghuraman, Vice-President (Supply Chain), Hindustan Unilever Ltd., delivered a lecture on the topic "Economics of Supply Chain” to the first and second year students on October 18, 2011. The informative lecture consisted of details regarding the various types of supply chains based on industry type, as also the relevance of supply chain in future business strategies.

Dr. Abhay Pethe, Director, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai visited the School on October 19, 2011. He engaged in an interactive session with the first and second year students on various aspects of economics. He also reviewed the students’ understanding of various topics in economics.

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