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Beach Clean-up drive in collaboration with Ek Saath Foundation & Carter Clean-up

~By Samvedana

Samvedana, the social club of SAMSOE, NMIMS held a beach clean-up drive in collaboration with Carter Clean-Up on 17th November, 2022. The event's purpose was to contribute to keeping the environment clean and remove the wastes that degrade urban beaches.

It started with the students of SAMSOE collaborating with Carter Clean-up. This is an organisation which meets every Saturday on Carter Road and volunteers to clean the non-biodegradable waste from Carter beach. The waste is then sent to a recycling unit which converts them to benches.

The students who volunteered from SAMSOE met up with the Carter clean up team and were briefed about the harmful materials found on the beach, and the amount of time each takes to decompose - most of them remaining in the environment infinitely. This was done to increase awareness about the harm that is inadvertently caused to marine life.

The clean-up lasted for about an hour and a half where the students went inside the Mangrove forests to remove all the harmful waste. The Mangroves play a very important role in curbing the cyclone winds entering Mumbai, therefore it is vital to protect them from environmental harm.

In its entirety, the Samvedana event was a success. The drive ended with the hope that it made the volunteers aware about the harm a single plastic bottle can do to the environment, and the importance to save marine life.


Pictures from the drive

Samvedana X Independence Day 2022 - Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Samvedana, the social service club of SAMSOE, NMIMS held an event on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day on 13th August 2022. The purpose of the event was to instill a feeling of patriotism among the students and faculty.

A white board was used where the students, faculty and parents expressed their views on what independence and freedom meant to them. A photobooth was also set up in one of the classes.

The Basti project: Documentary screening

The Literary club organized their first event of the year, the screening of a documentary titled 'The Basti Project' on 1st October 2022, at 5.00 p.m. A documentary on slums in India produced by the Tata Centre for Development at UChicago, it was the result of a research project undertaken by two UChicago Law professors, Dr. Adam Chilton and Dr Anup Malani. The documentary portrays the realistic and unfortunate situations of a handful of the millions of slum dwellers in India.

First Runner up position - Arthanomics

The students of Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics participated and won the Ist runner up trophy in ‘Arthanomics’ , the annual Business and Economics Festival, organized by Jai Hind College ,Mumbai

Club Activities

Cultural Society (Performing Arts)

  • Junoon – Performing Arts club conducted event Nukkad Natak on 3.9.2022. It was performed by Spotlight, the Drama department of Junoon. Approx. 45 students participated in the event.
  • Dance workshop was conducted on 3.9.2022. Approx. 40 students participated in workshop.

Cultural Society (Performing Arts)

Junoon – Performing Arts club conducted JAM SESSION (singing event) on 24.8.2022. Songs recommended by the audience was played by Bass-a-Nova, the Music Department of Junoon. Approx. 60 students participated in the event.


Samvedana, the social club of SAMSOE, NMIMS held an event called ‘Khwaishein’ on the occasion of ‘Children’s Day’ on the 13th November, 2022. The event's purpose was to bring smiles to the faces of orphaned children.

The preparations started at least five days prior to the event, after meeting and collaborating with two charities, Snehasadan & Missionaries of Charity. After putting together a list of items according to the specifications given by both the organizations, the committee members set up a photo booth to spread the word about the noble cause. Boxes were placed behind the photo booth, and by the 13th they were filled with all sorts of gifts. These gifts were then sorted into boxes and gift-wrapped.

Apart from this, a few days before the event, the committee had also circulated a form requesting SAMSOE students to participate in the charity drive and volunteer to visit the orphanages. The students who signed up as volunteers were taken with the committee for the donation drive.

On the day of the event, two groups were formed, of which one went to Snehasadan & the other went to Missionaries of Charity.

At Snehasadan, we started the donation campaign by entertaining the children by playing games with them and distributing the various gifts. Later, the second group visited Missionaries of Charity, a facility for children with special needs. Despite their policy prohibiting visitors from physically meeting the children, they made an exception for us and permitted five of our students to visit the charity to give gifts to the children.

In its entirety, the Samvedana event was a wonderful experience.

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