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Prof. Amita Vaidya (Associate Dean) addresses alumni of NMIMS Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics

While commencing the B. Sc. Economics program, I knew that I was up for a taxing journey; however, little did I know that it would be so enjoyable and fruitful at the same time. During the start of my first term here, it honestly felt like someone woke me up from my slumber. Over time, some of the modules not only helped me get an insight into Economics but also helped me really enhance my interest. A key part of this course is that it is much updated. To quote an example, we had a course module called, ‘Ecode’ which was completely dedicated to current economic affairs; something that is unheard of in Indian universities. In our final year, we had to choose an elective between Economics, Finance and Business; this forced us to think about which area we wanted to explore ahead that eventually helped a lot of us find our calling. Even the assignments given by our professors were very unique, some of the most interesting assignments that we’ve had involved analysing movies from a certain economic standpoint, analysing policies and its impact on various parties, finding out pure retaliatory trade barriers between countries and analysing corporate cases and critically solving their problems. The assignments we’ve had were all so different that the only common denominator between them was that they required always required something more than just finding out information from the internet. Another feature standing out is the close interaction that we’ve had with our faculties. In most colleges, faculties are mostly behind closed doors inside the staff room but here, things were completely different. Our faculties were always available to not only solve class doubts in after-college hours but also to discuss anything, from our careers to a macroeconomic event. In fact, I remember that I realised what I wanted to pursue after graduation during a casual conversation that I was having with one of my professors. After telling him about the path that I had thought of, not only did he take me in as his mentee but also gave me the unique opportunity to be his research assistant for an upcoming research that he was working on.

Since we were a small group of students, there was also scope for everyone to take part in organising co-curricular activities, which helped us learn a lot about group dynamics and the world outside college. A combination of good course content, innovative teaching, close faculty interaction, co-curricular activities and a brilliant peer group makes the B. Sc. Economics program, a perfect fit for anyone wanting to explore the world of economics, finance, business or policy.

-Nisant Mohta
Batch of 2013-16
Warwick Course name: M. Sc. International Business
Scholarship name: Warwick Business School Scholarship

Snapshot Of Batch Of 2010-2013

4 Students went to foreign Universities for their post graduation :

  • Karishma Tiwari – M.Phil in Economics – University of Oxford. She secured J.N.Tata Endowment Fund Scholarship and Narottam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship.
  • Abhishek Ghosh – Post graduation at the London School of Economics.
  • Sanjana Govindarajan – Post graduation at Bayreuth University, Germany.
  • Adrita Bagchi – M.A in Public Policy & Planning – Hertie University, Germany.

10 students are placed with the following companies

  • Nepa - 3
  • Tresvista Financial - 2
  • Mile Stone - 1
  • The Linde Group (BOC India) - 1
  • ATC Tires Pvt. Ltd. - 1
  • Eureka Forbes Ltd. - 1
  • Appco Group India - 1

B.Sc. - M.Sc. Orientation Program - 2016

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