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Aditi Batra
F.Y. B.Sc. Economics


Although making the decision of studying BSc Economics, despite having not studied Economics before, did seem like a terrifying option. Looking back at that decision fills my heart with only satisfaction and no regrets. Not only are the teaching styles diverse (with the help of articles, documentaries, films, novels, presentations, quizzes and even debates), but also centred around imparting a comprehensive approach towards all concepts. The course structure does not focus on highlighting textbook pages but on being able to fuse self-understanding and research into an analytical approach.

Economics is not just restricted to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, but branches further into International Economics and Trade, Development Experience of the Major Economies of the World among many others. The course provides you with a holistic approach towards Economics as a whole and subjects like Law, Political Science, Effective Communication and Creative Writing form a perfect amalgamation of innovative thinking and logical reasoning. The course structure is updated every year to add whatever is needed and relevant. Thus, keeping its students on par with its competitors pursuing the same course in universities abroad.

Various clubs like the Social Outreach Club (Samvedana), Debate Society, Scroll of Thought(our newsletter), Junoon (Performing Arts Club), Sports Club and our intercollegiate Economics fest Ka-Ching, sports fest Fury and debate competition Shasthrath, provide us with an opportunity to pursue our hobbies as well as enhance our leadership skills.

While the course is rigorous and keeps your schedule hectic, SAMSOE instils the importance of being meticulous, punctual, persevering and diligent. It teaches you that to face the outside world, complacency and dormancy have to be done away with. It teaches you how to beat consecutive deadlines and also work with peers in academic groups for all assignments. This helps in understanding the value of group dynamics and the need to be flexible and patient.

I am truly honoured to be a part of this program.


Vedant Modi
F.Y. B.Sc. Economics



Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics was set up under the aegis of SVKM’s NMIMS University in 2010. It provides students with niche undergraduate and postgraduate Economics courses. SAMSOE provides a holistic academic course structure, based on continuous assessment along with a blend of several co-curricular activities. Apart from the core economics subjects, the course also offers various other subjects such as Sociology, Psychology, Law, Effective communication and many more which broaden one’s horizons. Despite the vast number of subjects, students are able to handle the workload due to the analytical and application based approach when it comes to assignments and examinations.

The popular fests such as ‘Shastrarth’ the intercollegiate debate competition, ‘Ka-Ching’ the economics and management fest and ‘Fury’ the sports fest held at this college give its students’ a platform to showcase and polish their leadership and organisational skills.

The school aims at creating a learning-centric environment which prepares students for life and leadership, creating individuals with globally oriented thought and social sensitivity that can make meaningful contributions to the society.

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