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Muskaan Kukreja
F.Y. B.Sc. Economics


Studying Economics at a Higher Level in IBDP made me develop a keen interest for the subject in a short span of 2 years. My passion for Economics stems from 2 primary reasons. Firstly, I strongly feel that Economics can easily be complemented with any other branch of study, which makes it the most versatile field today. Second, it is extremely practical and has several real-life applications, which have enhanced my problem solving and analytical skills over the years. That’s why I was certain that I wanted my bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Although making the decision of doing economics from an Indian university and not going abroad was a frightening one. I was scared that I wouldn’t be exposed to the diverse and practical curriculum that universities abroad offered, which would inhibit my aim of receiving a holistic education. However, all my apprehensions were destroyed on the very first day of SAMSOE where I was introduced to a plethora of subjects. Subjects like Development Experience of Major World Economies, International Economics and Mathematical Economics showed me to look at the same subject from varying perspectives. While others like Effective Communication, Law and Creative Writing familiarized me with my untapped potential.

However, more than the subjects it was the faculty and their teaching styles that appealed to me. The teachers here are extremely experienced and warm. They go out of their way to create an environment that is conducive for learning by aquatinting us to interesting articles, documentaries, novels, debates and guest lectures by famous Industry experts.

Nevertheless, learning at SAMSOE doesn't stop here. The course is so well structured that in spite of the academic rigour that it possesses we still have the time to participate in various extra-curricular activities that enhance our leadership and collaboration skills. Being a part of the Sports Club and intercollegiate fests like Ka-Ching (Economics & Management fest) and Fury (Sports Fest) has given me beautiful memories that I will always cherish.

Besides these wonderful experiences cribbing about the strict attendance, hectic schedule and never-ending deadlines has also been an integral part of my journey in this college. But I would not have it any other way. The rigour has only made me tougher by teaching me priceless lessons of time management and dedication. While the constant need to stay vigilant and keep working has made me the best possible version of myself.


Aditya Bihani
F.Y. B.Sc. Economics



Unique and dynamic, the structure and pedagogy of the Economics course at SAMSOE is designed to cater to the all-round development of every individual. Having come all the way from the cool Darjeeling hills to humid Mumbai, I expected to feel out of place. However, our ever-supporting and interactive professors made me feel at home.

Not having studied Economics at school, starting the course from the roots did seem very scary in the beginning. However, having now completed the first semester I stand a hundred times more confident in the subject. The pedagogy is expansively diverse - with a mix of debates, quizzes, articles, documentaries and movies - pivoted not only around core economics, but reaching out to other streams like Law, Political Science, Effective Communication and Creative Writing, which add on to the comprehensiveness of this course. Here, we focus less on rote-learning and more on analytical reasoning and analysis, which is the need of the day. Branching further into International Economics and Trade, Development Experience of the Major Economies of the World etc. we are provided with a platform to effectively understand the practicalities of all that we learn.

Various clubs like the Social Outreach Club (Samvedana), Debate Society, Scroll of Thought(our newsletter), Junoon (Performing Arts Club), Sports Club and our intercollegiate Economics fest Ka-Ching, sports fest Fury and debate competition Shasthrath, infuse immense dynamism in our college lives, providing us with platforms to hone our leadership skills.

Having studied in a school where discipline is of prime importance , I am indeed proud to know that SAMSOE holds the same in high regard. This wonderful college instils in you perseverance and diligence. It is here that you learn to beat consecutive deadlines and also work with peers in academic groups. It is here that you see an economist in you.

I am truly honoured to be a part of this program.

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