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STUDENTS BATCH 2011 – 2014


Ankit Bhartiya
Calcutta Boys' School, Kolkata


The course being a newly introduced one, I was initially apprehensive about joining the university. Barely a few weeks into the course and I knew that I had made the right decision.

The top notch faculty, rich curriculum and practical application of what we learn aid in the overall development of the individual and also give a tremendous boost to the confidence within us. The culture here promotes healthy peer interaction and fosters bonding within the batch. We also get the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities from various fields which has expanded my view like never before. It has helped me change my attitude towards education. The plethora of student initiatives keeps us busy such that even outside the classroom we are constantly learning by way of organization or participation in the numerous extra and co-curricular activities.

I am sure that at the end of three years I shall have memories which I will cherish forever.


Anubhav Bigamal
Cambridge School, New Delhi



The education you get at Sarla Anil Modi School Of Economics, NMIMS is top notch. The Bsc. Economics offered by SAMSOE stands out as one of the best degree courses in economics in the nation with its unique and comprehensive course curriculum. The pedagogy here is brilliant and instils the passion for the subject unlike at any other institution. This is one of the institutions to go if you want a holistic view of education.

This institution allows you to shape your own college experience by providing virtually any academic or social resource you may need to grow. Besides the academic excellence, the college provides a great platform to harness your true potential. Each and every talent is respected here.

The zeal and zest towards learning that I have developed here is unimaginable and the credit unduly goes to the outstanding faculty. SAMSOE though is young but would definitely be in no time one of the sought after educational institution in India. And I am proud of being a part of such an exceptional institution.


Anurit Kanti
Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai



When I had initially signed up for the BSc Economics course, I was very skeptical about what I was going to experience. After doing the International Baccalaureate course, I initially thought I had signed up for a course which would require me to adapt back to the usual ‘textbook’ method of learning, with no in-depth study of the subject, and the usual teachers ranting off just to finish off the syllabus without making the learning even moderately interesting or fun. But I quickly realized how different and amazing this particular course was.

The BSc Economics course is structured so well that it makes learning fun and college life as interactive as possible, but with as much in-depth study of the world of Economics as possible.

I personally found every facade of SAMSOE delightful; from the detailed learning, the wonderful teachers who take that extra step to make sure everyone is as engrossed in learning as they are in teaching, the interactive class room activities, the sophisticated classroom experience and the highly fun college life. I found the transition from IB to an Indian course to be very comfortable because the BSc Economics course is formulated keeping the International courses in mind, thus catering the students to a world-class education.

The teachers at SAMSOE are the kind of teachers who you not only feel a huge level of comfort with, but also those who dwell into the most complex intricacies of the subject and make it look simple and fun. I mean, we watched The Blood Diamond to understand trade in International Economics and we watched The Dark Knight to understand Game Theory. We played games designed to help us understand how major firms in an industry behave and to understand concepts in Microeconomics. We frequently engage in debates and assignments which broaden our understanding of the subject and are given guest lectures by renowned people from all spheres of society to further elevate the amazing learning experience which SAMSOE imparts. As long as making the students understand the subject as well as enjoy it goes, the SAMSOE teachers have hit a jackpot.

Except for just education, the college life itself is very interesting as we are made to take part in all sorts of activities ranging from participating in college fests, helping NGOs, organizing debates, getting in touch with our cultural side, organizing MUN’s and our very own Economics College fest- KaChing.

SAMSOE is the perfect amalgamation of all the factors needed for the ideal college experience as we immerse ourselves into the world of Economics to understand the subject which not only plays in our daily lives, but actually runs and controls the world; a subject so important, that understanding it would open the doors to a career bank so diverse that you yourself will be mesmerized by the success it leads you too. SAMSOE blends fun and education in such a manner that the amalgamation leads you to the ride of your life, and the experience of a lifetime.

As far as the Law of Diminishing Returns goes, I think SAMSOE will prove it wrong as my awe with the School of Economics will never diminish and will only increase as time passes. I am proud to be a SAMSOE-ite.


Garima Sinha
FY BSC ECONOMICS ; Cambridge School, Mumbai



Being from a science background I was looking for a course which not only focused on the theory aspect but also on the practical aspects of Economics. SAMSOE’s BSC Economics offered me just this.

All our tests and quizzes focus on testing our practical knowledge and not our ‘rote’ knowledge. Specially, our subject- ‘ The Economic Times’, is planned in such a way that students not only get a better understanding of the economic events but also helps students be up-to-date about the current national and international economic events. Our projects and assignments are designed in such a way that we are completely involved in real life current economic scenario rather than theoretical concepts.

More than 25 students being out-station students, it has brought in a very cosmopolitan outlook and we are exposed to sub-cultures across the country. ‘Group-work and assignments’ has personally taught me to be more adjusting and has brought in a lot of skills like team-building and being a team-player.

The faculty is one of the most remarkable aspects of the course. From doing a role-play of the Indian Parliament to discuss the issue of FDI in retail in India, or making a ‘macro-rap’ to understand the concepts of inflation and business cycles better, or playing the role of factory workers to understand ‘The law of Variable Proportions’ or playing the role of huge oligopolists to understand the concept of collusion or doing a survey of ‘students having Blackberry Phones’ to do hypothesis testing or watching movies like ‘Nero’s guests’ to get a more realistic picture of the situation around us,teachers have done everything to make learning easy and enjoyable. Due to the small strength of the class, we all share high comfort level with the teachers and also the personal attention all the students get has definitely helped us perform better.

The first year students were given the responsibility of hosting SAMSOE-MUN (Model United Nations) and Shastrath (SAMSOE’s annual national intercollegiate debate) and we assisted our seniors in our economics fest-Ka-Ching. All these events have greatly helped us hone our managerial skills which will benefit us in future when we enter the work-environment.


Harshal Patel
La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata



Initially, my expectations regarding this course were very high. It was part of NMIMS which had automatically raised the bar in my reckoning. Also, a friend who was studying in the School of Economics had given a very favourable "review”, if I may say so, of the course and I was eager to experience it for myself and see whether it matched up to the standards I’d formed in my head.

After seven months as a part of SAMSOE, I can confidently say that the course has met, if not exceeded my expectations. Our teachers are absolutely great. They teach in class with a vigour and enthusiasm rarely seen elsewhere, and are very easily approachable for any help that may be required, whether that be with the coursework or otherwise. They have been extremely supportive of everything that we have tried to do and we couldn’t have asked for better teachers.

The course is extremely well structured. It has managed to strike a fine balance i.e. it is neither too demanding nor too laidback. Subjects such as Political Science, IT Skills and Psychology have allowed us to broaden our horizons and develop a unique, holistic approach towards Economics. The core economics papers are well taught, and provide a thorough grounding in the subject. The use of innovative teaching methods such as games, skits and even a rapping session allows us to enjoy the learning process.

This course is a truly exciting and innovative endeavour and I feel great to be a part of it.

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