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Guests Speak

  • Good interactive students.

     Mr. Nitesh Bhati, Assistant General Manager, SEBI
  • As usual, very nice experience. Bright students.

    Dr. Shubhro Sarkar, Assistant Professor, IGIDR
  • Very energetic Students & Bright.

    Ramanuj Lal ARP, Partner, Alternate Risk Premia Investments
  • It was pleasure to be talking to students. Thanks for inviting me.

    Pratik Mitra, Director, Monetary Policy, RBI
  • Very good experience teaching at SAMSOE as always.

    Dr. Shubhro Sarkar, Assistant Professor, IGIDR
  • Students were very involved on the subject matter their question surprised me since they are already thinking of using technology for work and starting their own firms. I'm very impressed with students in NMIMS.
    Mr. Rishi Gangoly, India’s first website coach
  • Good experience to interact with young students
    Dr. Vinish Kathuria – Associate Professor, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Mumbai
  • Students were actively engaged in all individual & team activities, assigned to them. Good initiative to have a wide array of orientation workshop
    Prof. Ocean Gonsalves, Adjunct Faculty, NMIMS

  • The students were open and receptive, some were eager to explore the field

    Dr. Tony D’souza, Rector, Sr. Xavier Institute of Social Sciences
  • The students are very inquisitive, enthusiastic and talented. I wish all these students a bright career in future. Institute is doing all good work. Please carry it on

    Mr. Avinash Thakur, Head - Marketing & Business Development, Netafim India
  • Let us explore opportunities for a longer courses. Good experience so far

    Kunal Gupta, Co-Founder of Tinkerlabs
  • It’s been a pleasure visiting NMIMS
    Mr. Andrew Bradly, Deputy Director (Education) and Senior Lecture, ANU Research School of Management
  • Students have good knowledge of Economics
    Ms. Shobana Krishnan, Senior Credit Analyst, CRISIL
  • Very engaged audience. Enjoyed the time with the students very much
    Mrs. Priya Subbaraman, Head, Legal and Compliance products, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Enjoyed lecturing students who have been very attentive, providing with inquisitive questions. I wish them all the best.
    Prof. M.H. Suryanarayana, Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
  • Clean building and good students in terms of respond, answer and questions. I hope these students are to contribute India future development. I had a good time with them through my lecture
    Ms. Sayuri Matsuno, Managing Director, Spectrum LS consultancy Pvt. Ltd
  • Absolutely enjoyed talking about poetry and creative writing and hearing the stories written by the students. Very rewarding.

    Rochelle D'silva, Poet
  • Enjoyed the lecture and the interaction with the students. The students showed lot of interest and they were asking interesting questions. Keep it up
    Dr. Veeramani C., Associate Professor IGIDR
  • This is one of the greatest institutions I have come to. May your school be the bridge for closer relations between China & India

    Dr. Liu Youfa - Consul-General of The People's Republic Of China

  • Amazing! Loved the students They grasped the concept well and loved it, gave me so much in terms of attention and take away for themselves. Thank you for the opportunity
    Ms. Nidhi Raina - Lead Consultant, Global Consulting Practice, Tata Consulting Practice
  • Progressive up-to-date course content, with emphasis on application of the economic theory. Focus on quantitative econometric courses is very good. Keep it up and all the best

    Dr. Vidya Mahambare – Chief Economist, CRISIL
  • Very interactive class, asked good questions.

    Mr. Sumeet Patil, Res. Director Neerman
  • Keen on learning. Attentive.

     Ms. Pooja Jadhav, Founder & Chief Trainer, The Hexis Consulting
  • I talked today about globalization and the price system using Valentine’s Day and the rose market as a jumping off point. I spoke at the Sarla Anil Modi School of Economics at NMIMS in Mumbai. The students were excellent. Lots of well informed, enthusiastic questions, and debate.

    Prof. Alex Tabarrok, Bartley J. Madden Chair in Economics George Mason University
  • I enjoyed the discussion and the question/answer session with students. I hope they had as much fun as I did

    Prof. Sayantan Ghosal, Professor, University of Glasgow
  • I enjoyed the discussion and the question/answer session with students. I hope they had as much fun as I did

    Prof. Sayantan Ghosal, Professor, University of Glasgow
  • Excellent Institution, Good to be connected

    Dolly Jha, Executive Director, Nielsen
  • Good Intiative students. Pleasure to teach them.

    Dr. Shivangi Chandel, Lecturer Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics
  • Good response from students. Relevant questions asked.
    Poojaa Jadhav, The Hexis Consulting

  • As it happens in any other group of this size, quite a few were active, some warmed up after sometime and some were mostly quietly absorbing the discussion. Those who were not actively engaged were still connected to what was being discussed
    Dr. Pradeep Kakkad
  • Students were very responsive
    Dr. A. K. Rashid, Retd. Principal Tolani College

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with your bright students. They were very responsive to the creative writing exercise

    Shefali Shah, Director Somayya Life Long Learnings, and Ex. HOD-English Literature, St. Xavier’s College
  • Thanks for being so nice and asking so many great questions

    Mr. Adam Butt, Senior Lecturer, ANU Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics
  • Pleasure visiting as always. Very interactive batch
    Ms. Dipti Deshpande, Senior Economist, CRISIL
  • Students have strong intuition which is very important in Economics
    Dr. Shubhro Sarkar, Assistant Professor, IGIDR
  • Great energy, involvement, Participation & Attendance. Awesome being here
    Abhimanyu Asija, CEO, SOMMET

  • Is always good to come back. Very engaged batch of students. All the best

    Mr. Akshit Shah, Project Manager, Boston Consulting Group

  • It was a great experience to be here. Thank you for having me.

    Ms. Sakshi Gupta, Junior Economist CRISIL

  • I found the students to be extremely attentive and interactive in nature. The basic exposure of Economics and Econometrics of the students is of high level
    Dr. Balwant Singh – Principal Advisor to Governor RBI
  • The institution was warm and extremely hospitable. The students were patient and tolerant but their keenness to understand was most overwhelming
    Mr. R.N. Bhaskar – Consulting Editor, DNA
  • Good interaction with students. Course coverage is good. Most students will excel in their respective areas in future

    Dr. Vinish Kathuria – Associate Professor, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Mumbai

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