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STUDENTS BATCH 2012 – 2015


Anisha Chaudhary
S.Y.Y.B. Sc. Economics
Delhi Public School, Navi Mumbai


BSc Economics offered at NMIMS SAMSOE is one of a kind. It is a well- structured course which not only includes economics but also other subjects like mathematics, statistics, sociology, political science etc. Subjects like IT skills, effective communication and ecode in the course are required in the current world. The course hence focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspect of economics and its relation to the society and politics.

Looking back at the past year it is quite mind boggling to see how much I have learned and experienced. From surveying consumers, vendors, shopkeepers to municipal school children, understanding an export company and cracking the complex Sudoku, this course till now has left me with numerous unforgettable experiences. All the credit must go to the wonderful faculty both permanent and visiting. The teachers at SAMSOE leave no stone unturned to help us learn. From movies, fun quizzes to interactive games the teachers surely make learning fun and easier. They are highly cooperative and their continuous guidance and support is surely a positive. Frequent tests and assignments help us to absorb the subject matter. Guest lecturers from various backgrounds also helped us to broaden the scope of our knowledge. Organising Shastrarth our debate competition and our fest Ka-Ching surely is an experience that can never be forgotten.

This course has not just met but exceeded all my expectations I had when I joined it. I am surely looking forward for the next 2 years in this college. This course is a must for someone wanting to take up economics as a career.


Revati Goradia
S.Y.B. Sc. Economics
Jamnabai Narsee School



I had chosen to join the International Baccalaureate Programme in order to ready myself to join a top ten world university for my post-graduation, but I found a perfect blend of a world class education and ethnic values before that, right here at my door step in Mumbai, at NMIMS’ SAMSOE.

SAMSOE has achieved what hitherto probably no other Economics college in Mumbai has achieved, a unique curriculum that gives us not only an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of Economics but also an overview of other social sciences that help develop our soft skills. And the icing on the cake is that it is taught by a faculty that is not only brilliant, but also extremely caring and supportive, and that according to me, is one of the key factors why a student continues to love her college.

The unique manner in which we are taught – the games, movies, quizzes, debates, all the applications of the Economics theories to real life scenarios all go a long way in simplifying and thereby whetting our appetites for a deeper and more in depth understanding of this complex subject.

The academics, combined with the vast array of co-curricular activities that we are highly encouraged to pursue, and given a free hand to organize, go a long way in helping us achieve not only a holistic view on life, but also give us an all –round development such that we are prepared for a life in the outside world.

Another very important factor that makes this course so unique is also the freedom it gives us to think and speak freely, which is so important for anyone if she has to grow in the true sense of the term.

SAMSOE will definitely turn me and all others into world-class economists, but more importantly, will also make us true world citizens.

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