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STUDENTS BATCH 2014 – 2017


Abhijay Thacker
F.Y.B. Sc. Economics
R.N.Podar School, Mumbai


As a science student, I was delighted to see that the course outline included quantitative subjects such as Mathematical Statistics, with Public Finance and Econometrics to follow in the upcoming semesters. However, no real-world issue is so neatly compartmentalised, and subjects such as Psychology, Law, and Political Science allow us to take in all the elements of the matter at hand while assessing it.

The environment is very conducive to learning, with friendly faculty, state of the art infrastructure, and active encouragement to participate in skill-building activities.

Rather than a one-way flow of lecture, here at SAMSOE we get to be part of a collaborative learning experience, with lively in-class discussions and inclusive feedback sessions. The extensive use of journal articles, newspaper columns, documentaries, and other digital media, keeps our content current and helps us relate to matters which are unfolding around us.

I truly believe that this is a fantastic program, and I am honoured to be a part of it.


Rajshree Ganeriwala
F.Y.B. Sc. Economics
Delhi Public School, Ruby Park, Kolkata



Being from a Non-Economics and Science background, I was initially apprehensive about my decision to take up Economics. However, merely days into the course at SAMSOE, I felt I had made a right decision.

The course here blends the classical and contemporary theories of Economics with practical ones. We are not only encouraged to debate and discuss various Economic theories, but have subjects like ECode which encourage us to read newspapers and stay updated on relevant Economic issues. As a student, we learn a lot more than Economics here as subjects like Law, Logic, Sociology, Political Science, etc. make our course multifaceted enhance our outlook on life.

A brilliant faculty, who stimulate debate, make us read articles and help us formulate opinions is one of the key factors in making us students love this place. The unique teaching pattern, with all its debates, quizzes, movies and surveys ensures that we learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical world.

Everything is designed in a way that it promotes peer interaction. In just a year, the group projects, our college debate – Shastrarth, our college fest- KaChing, and the numerous extracurricular activities, have made sure that this place gave us relationships which we will cherish forever. Although a relatively new institute, SAMSOE has given us the quintessential college experience, making sure that we are proud to be a part of this institution.

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