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STUDENTS BATCH 2015 – 2018


Saru Pruthi
S.Y.B. Sc. Economics


Choosing Economics over Engineering was a tough decision but today when I look back, I believe I made the right choice.

The course structure at SAMSOE is challenging & rigorous which goes beyond textual learning & is a perfect amalgamation of the classical and contemporary theories of Economics with the practical ones. The regular soft skill training sessions and guest lectures by Industry experts keep us updated with the world out there ensuring that we are fully equipped with knowledge & skills when we step out in the business & corporate world. Here at SAMSOE, we are taught subjects like Sociology, Political Science, Law, Psychology, etc. apart from Economics, which widens our knowledge sphere and helps us broaden our outlook.

The college has an extremely knowledgeable & friendly faculty which stimulates interest in the subject matter by encouraging us to read articles, showing video clips & devising in-class games. Everything is so well formulated in advance that one can take out time for numerous extra-curricular activities like participating in YUVA (SVKM’s Fest), Shastrarth (Inter-college debate), Ka-Ching (College Fest) & Fury (Sports Fest) without falling short of attendance (which is strictly to be adhered to). One key factor which makes us all love this college is the way it promotes peer interaction through the Cultural Day or the outdoor trips, giving us lifelong memories.

Being a part SAMSOE is a proud feeling and I will always be grateful to the college for giving me immense exposure, opportunities & knowledge.


Pingala Chakravarty
S.Y. B.Sc. Economics



Here at SAMSOE, we follow an extensive and broad curriculum, grounded in the core academic discipline of economics. It also consists of several other subjects that are part of a well-rounded education. The course structure is constantly updated to incorporate relevant macroeconomic and geopolitical events, with an emphasis on the practicality and applicability of theoretical economics. Inclusion of subjects like Effective communication, logic and IT is what truly distinguishes the course as the college realises that academic preparation alone is not enough to ensure excellence in our careers.

The faculty here strives to ensure that we acquire the necessary skills to develop our own opinions, while simultaneously encouraging collaboration with our peers. Diversity and respect for others is a part of the deep-rooted value system here at SAMSOE.

Most importantly, the faculty uses a variety of measures on a systemic level for evaluating student progress, including debates, discussions and games as opposed to only standardised test scores.

SAMSOE embraces innovation and change, and has taught me that complacency and stagnation have no room in today's world. Agility and adaptability has been ingrained in us from the very first day.

It is recently during my summer internship that I have realised the true essence of this course. The wide variety of learning activities here had helped me tremendously to realise a smoother transition into the corporate setup.

I also believe that this college seeks to take academic and cultural advantage of its location in Mumbai, embracing diversity among faculty, staff and students to ensure the widest possible range of perspectives, including international as well as industrial perspectives, in the educational experience.

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